Über uns


TBM was established in 1995 and concentrates its services on marketing solutions for daily newspapers. As a result of the cooperation with far in excess of more than 50% of all newspapers in Germany as well as with newspapers in Austria and Switzerland, TBM has a unique level of knowledge.

Distribution marketing constitutes the core field of expertise. In addition, TBM offers a diverse range of services to editorial offices and advertising sales departments.

A unique feature is the pro-TZ marketing network in which innovative newspaper publishers have pooled their knowledge with TBM since 2002.

The commitment of newspaper publishers to pupils and parents is a matter close to the heart of TBM, and again in this case it offers support in both word and deed. In cooperation with the Federation of German Newspaper Publishers the jule : Initiative young Reader was established in 2010.

TBM is also not without publishing experience, demonstrated by the mini-book Rosa, the roving reporter, the parents’ guide entitled “Reading newspapers makes pupils clever”, Illustrations and the comic strip series Henry the lion.